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Who We Are

Dawn Scott  Race Horse Transport Ltd provides experienced, safe and reliable  transport for your horses.

Great service begins with great people and real experience. The care , comfort and welfare of your horse whilst travelling is paramount to us.

We are proud to offer our services throughout the UK 

Fully insured, Type 2 Defra regulated.

Frequently asked questions

How do I pay?  We accept cash, Cheques with a card or bank transfer before the day of travel. Invoicing can be provided if agreed in advance.

How do you work out the costs for travel? Travel costs are based on the mileage as a total trip from lorry base to collection, delivery and return to base, time travelled, requirement for a second driver and number of horses carried. VAT is included in the quote. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Do I need to provide a passport for my horse?  Yes, it is a legal requirement for horses to travel with their passports. In the event of an emergency, it is accepted that the passport may not be available. It must be provided to the receiving yard/vet as soon as possible. Transport may be refused if the passport is not available and a transport charge may be incurred.

What happens if I need to cancel?  You need to provide 48 hours notice. A charge of £75.00 may be applied to cover administration and loss of earnings, unless a veterinary certificate/letter is provided.

Do I need to travel my horse in sheets or boots?  It is your decision as to what you wish to travel your horse in. The lorry is temperature monitored and a fan is provided.  Travel boots and tail bandage/protector are advised. Provision of a sheet or cooler to be made available if you are not travelling with your horse.

Do you provide hay and water?  Hay or Haylage and water is available should the need arise that the horse requires food and water due to length of travel time or warm conditions.

Am I able to travel with my horse? Yes.  If you are changing yards you will need to ensure a means of return for yourself. The lorry may not be returning to the point of departure unless previously requested.

Are you insured? Yes we have insurance that covers hire and reward, care custody and control and public liability.  Owners are advised to insure their horses separately.

Full terms and conditions available on request.


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